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Welcome to The Learning Lighthouse

We believe in the transformative power of education. Our foundation rests on the pillars of exploration, enlightenment, and empowerment. We strive to make learning not only achievable but also exciting, fostering a passion for knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

Embark on a journey with us as we guide you through the realms of discovery and understanding. Sign up today to unlock the doors to a world of possibilities. Ready to take the first step? Book a consultation to learn more about how we can tailor our programs to meet you or your student's unique educational needs. Let the adventure in learning begin!

Meet Our Specialists

Nanci Engle

Nanci Engle, M.ED

Founder & Executive Director

Meet Nanci Engle, Founder and Executive Director! During her extensive and focused career in education,  Nanci has provided highly sought after literacy intervention, diagnostic assessment and educational therapy for students throughout Southern California. Nanci has a BA in Speech/Language Pathology, credentials in elementary and special education, and MA in Person Centered Education. She obtained certification as an Educational Therapist through UCSD. She founded and was Executive Director of a nonprofit educational company for 27 years before opening The Learning Lighthouse. She meets students where they are in their journey of learning. Nanci's dedication to seeking the root of complex learning challenges, in combination with a talented, credentialed and steadfast team, has made The Learning Lighthouse a premier provider of educational services. 

We're excited you're here!

Alexa Pinney

Alexa Pinney

MA, Special Education, TESL, Education Specialist

Lauren Cole, Learning Specialist

Lauren Cole

BA, Learning Specialist

Teresa Keane, Education Specialist, Special Education

Teresa Keane

Education Specialist,

MA Special Education

Kay MacIsaac, Special Education Therapist

Kay MacIsaac

MA, Special Education, Education Specialist, Educational Therapist

Addison Denning, Learning Specialist

Addison Denning

BA, Learning Specialist

Mariela Sanchez

Mariela Sanchez

BS, Business Administration
Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Uchi

Jennifer Uchi

BA, Speech & Language Pathology


Nayely Ceballos-Mancilla

Learning Specialist, Psychology

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