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Is your child experiencing difficulty in learning, reading, or focus?


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Welcome to The Learning Lighthouse! 

We believe all students can learn and achieve to their potential. Our specialty for nearly 30 years has been helping individuals build critical skills necessary for learning success through targeted instruction. Based on the latest research in the science of learning, these skills are the foundations for reading, spelling, language, comprehension, math, writing, and life-long learning. With a strong foundation in place, our students have the tools to build their own successes at school and in life. 
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You have come to The Learning Lighthouse to explore the reason your child struggles or how to help them find success. We start with an evaluation to determine areas of strength and weakness in reading, spelling, language, comprehension, vocabulary, phonological processing, writing, and math. A processing skills screening may also be administered to assess underlying areas that may be interfering with academic achievement, such as processing speed, reasoning skills, attention, and memory. Afterwards, we will meet to discuss results of the evaluations and make recommendations. 

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The results of the evaluation, which includes previous assessments and intake history, provide the basis for understanding the specific needs of each student, and then developing an individual learning plan. Each learner is different, so we then select from a variety of programs and curriculum based on individual strengths and areas to develop.

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Knowledge is powerful!

We help parents and students understand the path they are on, what they can expect, what we can deliver, and anticipated results. We provide our students with a safe, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere where students are affirmed and valued. This “safe harbor” fosters willingness to take a risk on the next steps in achieving success!

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Specific Intervention

We address learning disabilities such as dyslexia, disgraphia, dycalculia, auditory processing, and challenges with attention/executive functioning. Specific subject tutoring may also be available. 

Educational Therapy

More than tutoring, we teach students HOW they learn, building tools for lifelong learning, overcoming challenges, nurturing academic success and personal growth.

Diagnostic Assessments

 Why is my child struggling or frustrated? We unlock the learning puzzle by getting to the root causes, discovering personal strengths and areas to support through unique assessments.

Homeschool Support

Considering homeschool or already enrolled? We can guide you to the right homeschool program  depending on needs and expectations along with instruction and support.

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